The 8 Most Extravagant Gifts Celebrity Couples Have Given Each Other

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to prepare for one of the most stressful but simultaneously love-filled days of the year than by comparing your gift ideas with those of the rich and famous?

Celebrities are notorious for going over the top when it comes to birthdays, the holidays, Valentine’s Day, or really any special occasion that involves giving and receiving presents. But even in the world of the rich and famous, there are some people that take it to the next level.

So, whether you’re still looking for ideas on what to get your loved one, have no plans on Valentine’s Day, or just want to daydream about receiving lavish gifts like the ones below, we’ve rounded up some of the crazier presents in recent memory.

JAY-Z allegedly bought Beyoncé an entire island for her 29th birthday in 2010, with reports at the time claiming the rapper spent $20 million on the 12.5-acre piece of land off the coast of Florida.

As expensive as the gift was, it wasn’t exactly a difficult purchase, as a quick Google search shows that several websites offer islands all over the world — albeit for a hefty price. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a floating piece of land, you’re only a few mouse clicks away.

This past Christmas, Kanye West bequeathed Kim Kardashian West more than $200,000 in stocks from Apple, Netflix, and adidas. West could have easily purchased Kardashian something more materialistic, but instead, he looked to the future — not that we think the power couple will be running out of money anytime soon.

Not only were the gifts unique, but it was a mature move. By showing his fans that thinking about and investing in your future is cool, Kanye may have inspired a few to quit wasting money on sneakers and clothes, and instead to invest in something that will make them money.

Lady Gaga’s record label, Interscope Records, got the entertainer an all-white horse for Christmas two years ago. Gaga, who is obsessed with horses, seemed overjoyed at the gesture, promising to “love her forever.” Remember people: a horse is for life, not just for Christmas.

thank you @ciarrap …this is so sexy. Love you sis #JeffKoonsOriginal #Ali #GOAT

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When you have friends in high places, as Rihanna most certainly does, you can expect the odd extravagant present. This Muhammad Ali book x dolphin Jeff Koons original piece was gifted to the singer by none other than her creative director/executive, Ciarra Pardo.  We’re not sure how much it cost exactly, but considering several of Jeff Koons’ art pieces have sold for millions, we’re betting it didn’t come cheap.

What the sculpture means — or is supposed to be — remains up for debate, but Rihanna seemed to think it was “so sexy” and probably found the perfect spot for it in her house.

S E T G A L A W A Y 🎥: @oggizery_june

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Cardi B and Offset are the hottest couple in celebrity land, a fact that was cemented when the “Bodak Yellow” rapper bought her finacée a brand new custom Rolls Royce for his 26th birthday. Offset returned the favor by having Cardi’s name tattooed on his neck.

If that wasn’t enough, she even got him a Wraith watch to match. For more footage from the rapper’s birthday night, check out our original piece on the gift here.

Kylie Jenner bought her then-boyfriend Tyga a Bentley after his Ferrari was allegedly repossessed. Jenner was out at the dealership when the pesky paparazzi photographed her, most likely in a bid to spoil the surprise. The reality TV star then had to lie to Tyga about her whereabouts to avoid ruining the gift. Judging by how happy and surprised he seems in the video above, it looks like her plan worked.

If getting a brand new luxury car right after you lose your other one for missing payments doesn’t scream extravagance, we don’t know what does.

Back when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were still a thing, there were reports that the “Baby” singer wanted to fill Gomez’s house up with flowers. The florist he ended up hiring for this extravagant display of affection allegedly had to use every single flower in the shop to complete the order, delivering the flowers in multiple trucks.

So not only did Bieber buy every last flower in the shop, he had them delivered by the truckload — that’s a power Valentine’s Day move if there ever was one. Of course, the It-couple ended up breaking up later on, so we’re not quite sure how effective the gesture ultimately was.

Imagine loving cheese and being gifted an entire cheese wheel to eat your pasta and risotto out of? That’s exactly what John Legend got Chrissy Teigen for Christmas, fulfilling what she called a “lifelong dream.” When you’re as rich as these two, you don’t worry about having enough plates, you worry about having enough cheese to mix into whatever pasta you’re having that night.

And if you’re actually struggling for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, check out our last minute gift guide here.

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